BreakAlarm for Windows

Minimal countdown timer to control work flow. I realize that I work more productive if I make breaks each 45 minutes. Here is my implementation of promodo like timer for Windows. If you need to have brakes in other periods, please use program settings and modify timer period. Now application is very simple it shows a message and logs time when timer starts/stops/finishes. In history you can see how much time you have been working, when the work started and finished. New version saves your BreakAlarm history to server for you to easy navigate and work with.
It is easy to start working with application. Run it from Start menu after installation.
On a first run application will ask you to register a new user to access application.
Registration screen will request email and password to create a new user.
After successful Registration application will ask to login.
After login you can start using application. Set in how much time BreakAlarm should interrupt you. And press "Start"
If you would like to check, how much time remains lick on icon in a tray, and BreakAlarm will show you progress.
When period is finished, you can leave comment for work that was done.
It is possible to take a look at a History. Just right click on icon in a tray and select "Show History" from menu. New browser window will be opened and you will be redirected to your history page.