Why are you should take breaks?

It is a well-known fact that all employers appreciate employees who work hard and spend at work long hours. However, a good employee should take regular breaks to maintain health and productivity.

Unfortunately most people forget to take breaks when working long hours sitting in one position. Whether you work full time or part-time from home or in a traditional working place setting, it is still important to take breaks as it is crucial to your health. People who work behind a computer all day should take a break every hour or so and be able to get up and move round.

The key point here is moving and being far away from the screen.

People who work in highly repetitive jobs should take more frequent short breaks in order to prevent fatigue which can result in a decrease of productivity and proficiency, and may lead to lessening of mistakes.

To be more persuasive there are some reasons why regular breaks are important.

  • While working on the computer it's easy to lose the expense of time. Being absorbed in work people do not realize how much time has passed since they began working. An easy way to eliminate this problem is to make sure people take regular breaks by using time reminders.
  • A great deal of research works demonstrate the fact that workers who take breaks are more productive during the day in comparison with those who do not. During a break, your brain continues solving issues even if you do not think of it, and afterwards when coming back to your task finishing it can be easier than it seemed before. Moreover mistakes are also made more when you do not refresh your mind and body.
  • Focusing on a tedious task for too long can easily lead to physical and mental stress. Stress as most know, can lead to serious violations in our health. Common consequences of stress are high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor fitness, poor immunity and serious illnesses.
  • When you sit motionless, circulation can be impeded. When blood flow to an active muscle is impaired, the oxygen supply is diminished, which after some time can impair muscle function. The feeling of fatigue often is related to circulation and blood supply.
  • Especially for those who work with a computer, it is easy to develop repetitive stress injuries such as eyestraing from staring at a computer screen too long. Carpal Tunnel is also another injury which can be developed from spending too much time typing and not typing in the proper position.
In order to help people with taking regular breaks, we developed BreakAlarm that countdowns a timespan and gives a signal when it finishes for you to know that it is the time for break. Hope it will be useful for everyone who are not indifferent to one's health. It is available for Android and Windows.