BreakAlarm for Android

Minimal countdown timer to control work flow. I realize that I work more productive if I make breaks each 45 minutes. Here is my implementation of promodo like timer for Andriod. If you need to have brakes in other periods, please use program settings and modify timer period. Now application is very simple it just plays a sound and logs time when timer starts/stops/finishes. Main processing runs as a service, so activity can be closed. In log you can see how much time you have been working, when the work started and finished.
Available in Android Market
It is easy to start working with application. There are three buttons only "Start", "Stop" and "Clear".
Try to push start, provide description for activity that you are going to do and press "OK"
When count down timer is over you will see a Toast, hear sound and notification will be shown to return you back to application.
In a setting menu you can change default duration of count down timer and if application should request for description on each start button push.
Available in Android Market