Control and limit load during your work

Nowadays more and more people try to do as much work as possible within little timeframe becoming workaholics. It's difficult sometimes to control yourself and not to overload with everyday work.

Are breaks important for your health?

Huge number of tasks leads to forgetting about time and rest at all. But it's common knowledge if something does without breaks productivity goes down. In this case the task that can be done in a couple of hours may take all day. Regular avoiding breaks may lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.

We suggest one of possible solution - to limit working time and take some rest after each period of work.

Tools to help you

Target of this site is to collect tools that will help to make breaks and build a system that is easy to use.

Try BreakAlarm for Android or BreakAlarm for Windows.

We hope our tools and services on this site will help you be more productive and your workflow will become more organized.

Best regards,
BreakAlarm Team.